Sunday, August 21, 2011

P7535-30WB - Progress Lights - P7535-30WB > Below Cabinet Lights

4-light kit incorporates 60w 12 v transformer, 2 lamp holders, 4 items of 18 connectivity wire. 8ft cord & plug. Subject installable rotary swap & plug. Conceal-A-LITE X - Xenon lamps present a lot of strengths about classic halogen resources this kind of as: 10,000 hour lamp existence Xenon gasoline is Underneath low stress which offers an additional measure of security Eliminates the require for glass shielding Emits no harmful UV rays Low warmth Lamp is not impacted when set up with bare fingers Every lampholder utilizes 2 5w Xenon lamps TECHNICAL Features Item is delivered with lamps getting rid of the require to find the right lamps for the fixture Provided in black and white to mix with light and dark wooden colours All kits and componets are UL/CUL and/or CSA outlined which verifies the security of the Item when set up properly Transformer has integral stab-in "speaker fashion" connections for the initial lampholder in the sequence, supplying flexibility for finding the lampholders Beneath the cabinets

$136.83 $82.1

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